SBS Forge explains how steel forgings are made

Many industrial machines contain steel parts that have to withstand great stress. SBS Forge states that the metal working method that produces the strongest steel parts is forging. Heating the metal than forging it to the required size and shape.

The bucket of scrap iron by SBS Forge

Various companies make steel forgings are made from scrap iron: Pieces of used iron recovered from demolished buildings and old cars as well as bits of new iron left over from the manufacture of iron products. Forge workers maneuver a gigantic magnet that can lift almost six tones scrap at a time. Until they fill a 28 tone scrap bucket.
The bucket empties two such loads into a fiery furnace whose temperature picks at 3000°F. This is called an electric arc furnace because the heat is created by a strong electric current running in an arc between three electrodes.

The different grades of steel

There are about twenty main grades and on hundred subgrades of steel. They are produces by adding specific metals or non-metallic chemical elements such as aluminum, nickel, chromium, manganese and carbon. They also add the mineral fluoride to help fuse de metals, some of which are in the form of blocks.
Throughout the three and a half hour meltdown, they test and adjust the chemical composition. They try to attain de lowest the lowest, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur levels: the key to producing strong, high quality steel. Then they pore de sizzling, melting metal into a container that is completely heat-resistant.
They add aluminum to chemically counteract oxidation and rusting caused by air exposure. Now a bloc of steel is made. It can be shaped into a forging. The melted metal flows out the bottom of the container to a mold below. The metal can be shaped into pieces such as brides.

Forging in action

After several hours, the metal solidifies. The mod is turned upside down to extract it. Then over twelve hours, they reheat the metal de 2200°F. According to SBS Forge, this makes it soft enough to hammer or press into shape.