SBS Forge and the importance of new technologies

The know-how acquired by the forges around the world combined with significant efforts in research and development and the use of innovative technologies and ever more efficient allow them to adapt to customer requirements, both on quality and the productivity. This is the case for factories at SBS Forge, which have modernized their production lines, enabling them to manufacture forgings whose quality is internationally recognized. SBS Forge describes the importance of new technologies.

A permanent challenge

For the team, it’s much easier to work in conditions like these. These changes have had a positive impact on many aspects of the business: working conditions are safer, team productivity has increased. It also brought in precision, quality and passing the ISO has forced the company SBS Forge to question constantly to move forward.

From automatic robotic hammers to hydraulic assembly of press forging tools, teams are constantly looking to improve processes to push ever further control in the industrial field. The automation goes down to the storage of raw materials and matrices.

SBS Forge and the importance of new technologies

Arrangements have been made for the transport of materials on the loading belts, which was manual before and which is automated via a bridge now. The automated store allows you to have movements that are programmed in the morning all day long and that improve team safety.

Like all forges, SBS Forge continues to modernize its production devices to meet the new requirements of its customers. Each year, a portion of the turnover is invested in this direction. Today the company is no longer robots and it intends to acquire new ones regularly. The choice of robotization and automation also makes it possible to face the competition.

A 4. 0 business

New technologies today represent a wide range of software and equipment that, when connected, can turn the manufacturing business into a factory of the future.
Moving to Industry 4.0 means giving yourself the infrastructure and the means to innovate, be competitive, seize business opportunities and prosper.