One month to lose weight

We may condemn diets, proclaim out loud and clear that we must assume ourselves as we are, but we know you, and we know that you still want to be proud in that jersey this summer. So today Topsite-Central, will give you a little boost with this program to slim down before the holidays. But promise us you’ll be good so we don’t have to lose the weight again.

First effort: control your energy intake


Slimming while eating too much, at any time and whatever, doesn’t exist!

So you’ll have to watch your calorie intake (1,200 calories a day, instead of the 1800 to 2000 usually recommended). And on the other hand you’ll really have to watch what you eat by paying attention to the nature of your dishes.

On the menu, lots of protein (35% of the total daily intake) to preserve your muscles, few carbohydrates (35 to 40%, with low glycemic index foods, very important GI), moderate amounts of fat (25 to 30%), and fiber to regulate appetite and limit fat storage.


The food you allow yourself to lose weight


Your daily food bowl should consist of 2 parts of each approved class, with a measure of fat.

2 parts of protein feed (meat, fish, eggs, tofu) or equivalent (1 egg + 75 g fish + 75 g meat OR 100 g organic tofu + 1 can of sardines…) 1 part = 100 g

2 parts of starchy foods with a low glycemic index. 1 part = 1 slice wholemeal bread, 1/2 cup chickpeas not too soft, 1 half cup sweet potato, 1 half cup al dente pasta

2 parts of low sugar fruit. 1 part = 1 medium sized raw fruit, ½ grapefruit, 1 cup red fruit, 1 apple, 1 orange, 1 fresh pear.

2 to 3 parts of vegetables. 1 part = ½ cup cooked vegetables (green beans, zucchini, leeks), 1 cup raw vegetables (raw carrots, green salad, fresh spinach, cucumber, avocado), 1 glass of vegetable juice

2 parts dairy of calcium-rich products. 1 part = 1 glass of skimmed or semi-skimmed milk, 1 plain yoghurt 0%, 1 glass of calcium soy milk without added sugar, 1 glass of kefir.

One measure of fat. 1 scoop = 1 tbsp oil, 1 handful vegetable oil, 1 tbsp clarified butter or coconut fat, 2 tbsp light margarine.


Foods to avoid


In order to eliminate your excess fat at a regular rate (and relatively reasonable, which also guarantees the durability of your effort), you must absolutely avoid certain foods.

And if you don’t want to regain the weight you’ve lost, you are strongly advised to change your basic diet and consider these foods as deviations rarely allowed.

To lose weight and stay slim, it is necessary not to diet drastically twice a year but rather to learn how to eat better.


That said, by the summer, to speed up metabolism, skip the following foods:


Sugar: especially refined sugar and anything that contains sugar, even very sweet fruit. That’s why you need to monitor your food’s glycemic index. If you really can’t live without it in your coffee, take Stevia, a natural sugar with a nice GI (which is not the case with agave).

Pastries, cakes and biscuits.

Ice cream.

Beer, white wine and cocktails.

Delicatessen products.

Potatoes in all their forms (potato GI is a disaster).

Chocolate paste, hazelnut type if you know what we mean…


No effective slimming program without sport


To avoid the yoyo effect and push your body to draw on your reserves, you must engage in physical activity. And taking out the garbage or going down the stairs every morning isn’t enough!

It is necessarily to combine diet with physical training, which accelerates weight loss and fat loss, and tones problem areas (buttocks, stomach, and thighs).

Your plan of attack:

For 4 weeks, you will alternate each day of the week (except Sunday: rest or walk) cardio effort and targeted gym exercises…

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 30 to 45 minutes of cardio. You can try cycling, stepping, jogging, swimming or fitness in the gym to burn calories and mobilize fat reserves.

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 30 minutes of targeted exercises. Go for abdominals + thighs + buttocks, to obtain a firmer and more toned body and more harmonious shapes.

Come on we help you with these super profitable activities from the point of view of effort provided/physical expenses.

Otherwise you can also follow a fitness challenge to motivate yourself.


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