5 beauty items every women should have

The beautiful packaging and tempting promises of some products are not the only things that are attractive in the products found in the beauty section. Whether you shop at your local pharmacy or at the beauty counter, the options for hair care, makeup, skin care, nail care and body care are endless. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the variety or buying every “miracle” product known, for both men and women, we suggest you stick to 5 items.

Establishing a set of beauty products that work for your individual needs can be difficult, especially when normal hair and skin routines have expanded far beyond a few simple three steps.

Identifying the five products that are absolutely necessary and deciding which ones are simply enjoyable to have can help you establish a regimen that is comfortable and affordable. Some products that are so beneficial because they keep your skin, hair and nails in top shape should never be omitted.

To have healthy skin you must protect it from the sun. If you don’t use a sunscreen, you’ll cause sun damage and then have to fix the problem, so why not prevent it? It is better to avoid than to repair damaged skin.




Achieve beautiful, shiny hair with a normal conditioner and a deep moisturizing treatment once a week.

If your hair is fine, medium or thick textured, straight, wavy or curly, conditioner is the first product you should have. Keeping your hair conditioned makes it easier to comb and protects your hair’s health.

“Conditioner adds the moisture that shampoo sometimes removes from hair,” says Karissa Masters, owner of Karissa’s Divine Design Salon in Torrance, California. “It penetrates and hydrates the hair, leaving it soft and manageable. It also adds shine and untangles, which makes styling easier.

Skipping the shampoo may seem serious, especially if you have oily hair, but leaving the conditioner out can result in breakage, lack of shine and reduced manageability. Find one that works for your hair type and use it every time you wash it or between washes. If you invest and use a deep conditioner once a week it will help you repair damaged hair.

Many beauty editors and some websites have a blind faith in Kerastase’s Olea Relax deep conditioner, but there are lower-priced brands that also offer moisturizing benefits. For a moderately priced conditioner, try Paul Mitchell’s products. Pantene Pro-V is a proven brand for everyday use on the “Allure” magazine’s list of best products. It is available in different varieties for different hair types.





Accentuate your eyes with a brown eyeliner.

Some women complain about dark circles under their eyes. Others want fuller lips. Those blessed with very long eyelashes don’t care about mascara. People who have perfect skin have never had to test which base shade fits their skin tone. Make-up can update and refresh your look dramatically, but choosing just one indispensable product can be difficult.

Marisa McCabe, a Los Angeles-based makeup artist, says every woman benefits from a dark, creamy eyeliner. While a black eyeliner may be too strong for everyday use with some skin tones, there are several shades of brown that work for all skin types and any occasion, she says. The basic idea is to highlight the eyes. For those who like to experiment, indigo, dark grey and forest green are also good choices.

MacCabe says, “Women express themselves through their eyes. So if you can get people’s attention by accentuating and defining them with eyeliner, it will help. When the eyes are defined, the emphasis is on where they should be.


There are many eyeliner options available. Some draw the winged outer end more easily while others are good at achieving a faded appearance. To purchase a daily eyeliner, go to your local pharmacy for a Revlon, Cover Girl or Maybelline water-resistant eyeliner. If you feel like wasting, buy a liquid one with an easy-to-use applicator, from YSL or Sonia Kashuk.


Beauty of the face

For McCabe, the second indispensable item you must have is a concealer, although he says many people use it incorrectly and have difficulty experiencing its benefits. She points out that concealer is not just for dark circles, to cover uneven skin tone or blemishes. It’s good for any woman who wants to light up her eyes. Spread it over your eyelids to brighten the eye area, or use it to make your face look more angular and create a more elegant look.




Prevent unwanted damage with a sunscreen.

Most people are used to a three-step skin care routine: cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Shinobu Lee, an aesthetician at the Los Angeles clinic, Kate Somerville, says damage prevention should be the most important step in your skin care routine.



Many moisturizers come with a sun protection factor included in them, but Lee prefers to use a cream first and then apply the sunscreen as a second step. She thinks it’s best to use one with a protection factor of around 50 and recommends not using anything less than 30. A lot of people are only diligent in sun protection for their faces, but if you are outdoors, you should apply it to any part of your body that is exposed.


Look for a sunscreen formula that is not only suitable for your skin type (there are very light formulas for oily skin and thicker formulas for dry skin), but also offers a broad spectrum of sunburn protection (against UVA and UVB rays) with a minimum amount of chemicals. All those selected by the Environmental Working Group contain materials that help reduce exposure to UVA rays, such as zinc or titanium. Among the sunscreens on the group’s list are Aveeno, La Roche Posay and the CVS and Walgreens brands.




Keep your nails clean and neat, especially for first impressions. If you periodically apply nail files, they will look as beautiful as if you were applying nail polish. Healthy nails are the foundation for a good manicure. So you should use cuticle oil as part of your routine care to help them grow and stay beautiful.

“I specifically suggest to my clients that they have some kind of nail moisturizing problem.” says Connie Flagg, manicurist at the Queen Bee Salon in Culver City, California and at the Four Seasons Beauty Center in Beverly Hills, California. Cuticle oil moisturizes your skin and nails. This (the oil) makes them look healthier and prettier. Even if you can’t go to a manicure, put on your cuticle oil every day.”

“Not everyone can afford or has the time to have a manicure,”. “But the oil gives a refreshing touch to the nails. The main thing is consistency.”

Flagg recommends massaging cuticle oil or an organic jojoba or apricot oil over your fingertips before going to bed to give them enough time to work. She likes the Creative Nail Design’s Solar Oil brand, but there are also formulas available from Essie and Sally Hansen.


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