Adopting a DNS-DHCP-IPAM appliance

With more and more connected devices coming into the mainstream network landscape, it has become a real challenge for companies to provide consistent network coverage. DNS-DHCP-IPAM appliances become fundamental for simplifying the management of all IP resources. Available for small and large enterprises alike, DDI solutions enable companies to bring more agility, reliability and security to their network infrastructure.

The benefits of DNS-DHCP-IPAM appliances on small and large organizations

In a highly competitive context, it is crucial for every company to adopt a modern network infrastructure. Many of them still manually manage their IPAM, using software products not specifically designed for that purpose- which is both time consuming and error-prone. Companies who have already installed DNS-DHCP-IPAM appliances have witnessed improvements, including a substantial increase of their ROI, savings and IPAM automation.

For small organizations (such as local governments), DNS-DHCP-IPAM appliances could help make significant savings, and be useful for future initiatives. Moreover, small organizations are also confronted with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), which quickly increases the number of IP addresses and requires effective management.

DNS-DHCP-IPAM appliances are an essential component for medium-sized organizations. Take for example the higher education industry, a sector in which universities are constantly competing with one another for students. Large universities of 10,000 students or more have to manage up to to 30,000 IP addresses. Academic excellence is therefore not enough, and institutions have to rely on their ability to offer modern facilities and new services, as well as reducing their operational costs. Poorly-managed DNS-DHCP and IPAM inevitably lead to a loss of visibility for the entire network infrastructure. Consequently, it is essential for universities to provide a network infrastructure that supports professors, students and visitors alike.

Large-scale organizations, such as a retailer or a bank, notice a more significant return on investment when using an integrated DDI solution (though slightly less than a small one). Large-scale organizations must be scalable, reliable and secure if they want to develop and their growth and survival lie in the ability to adapt quickly to digital transformations, and to cope with new market challenges. understands these new challenges.

Adopting an efficient and automated integrated DDI

DNS-DHCP-IPAM appliances provide the necessary tool to administer IP addresses. These user-friendly solutions automate the management between DNS, DHCP and IPAM, therefore simplifying these tasks.

In order to get the highest ROI possible from an integrated DNS, DHCP and IPAM solution, companies should deploy a DDI adapted to their organization structure to maximise its efficiency. Notice that many DDI vendors let you benefit from a free trial before purchasing a DDI product. You can therefore take your time to experience it and understand how it can help you support your (future) initiatives.

It is worth noting that there exist training sessions aiming at helping customers to acquire the basic skills needed to manage DNS/ DHCP appliances. Lectures and hands-on-labs can be provided in different languages. The aim of these sessions is to enable customers to get familiar with it, to install and configure it correctly. For instance, DDI vendor EfficientIP provides this type of training sessions.

Integrated DDI provide vital benefits for performance, reliability, resiliency and security. With the profits earned from a DDI solution, you should think about how to reinvest the savings realised.

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