School trips to Paris: some things you have to know for well planning them

Taking schoolchildren, high school children or students for an educational trip is never an easy task. There are so many things to take in account to insure the success of the project. If you want to plan student tours to Paris, here are some points that you must keep in mind.

Take your time to do the planning

Never organize an educational trip in a hurry; that may bring you to neglect important things. So take your time to choose the moment to go, for saving money and benefit from great opportunities as good weather or best prices for accommodation and activities. Compare the tariffs and try to find group prices and group privileges for the visits and the attraction, and for food and accommodation.

Opt for booking and for group tarifs

Furthermore, always book if the group has numerous members; it is recommended for eateries as Parisian restaurants and similar places are always quite full at lunch or dinner time, and for transportation. Also try to find establishment that is more practical than hotels, as those who propose dormitories, for facilitating the management of your group. You can also use a specialized travel agency to help you for those researches.

Choose the right time

Paris is a living city. All year long, she hosts national or cultural or sports events in addition to international ones. So choose dates outside of these events for your student tours to Paris. Planes or train tickets, even rates for accommodation, activities or visits may be very expensive at these moments. Also choose time when the weather is good, and adapted to the activities you plan to do. Middle of spring, but also summer or autumn is better.

Plan well your getting around

Paris is a big town with so much to see and so much to do for an educational trip. For the getting around of a group, especially for big group, the renting of a bus or a minibus may be cheaper and more practical than the buses or the metro. You can ask for help from travel agencies to find rental companies.

Also try to plan the visits and the activities in order to have circuits that you can complete in one or half a day. Learn about opening hours of museums and other places you want to visit. Local guides’ services will also be very helpful. Always vary the program of the day for not boring the members of the group and do not forget to include some free and fun-time in the stay.