The musts of a trip in Dominica Island

Dominica has been kept secret for so long that its natural beauty is unspoiled and unrivalled. It makes any type of visitor want to come back. But no matter how many times you go to the Nature Island, you haven’t really been there until you complete the Dominica Island Bucket List !

Visiting one of the National Parks

Dominica Island is home to a rainforest divided into 3 national parks: Cabrits, Morne Diablotins and Morne Trois Pitons. The latter is actually an UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the only one in the Carribeans. All the three national parks are drenched with natural wonders, rich wildlife and spectacular views. If you’re a fan of Pirates of Caribbean, you can visit a filming location of a Dead Man’s Chest.

Hiking through the rainforest of the Nature Island

There are at least 40 miles of hiking trail in Dominica and most of it goes through the rainforest. When visiting the National Parks, try to follow them. You will likely find hidden treasures like the Boiling Lake and the Valley of Desolation. Dominica is the epitome of raw nature and while hiking around, you’ll reckon that nature has always have its way to surprise you!

Taking a dip in the infamous Emerald Pool

Emerald Pool is definitely a must when traveling to Dominica! Found in Morne Trois Pitons, it is the perfect swimming spot. The natural pond is fed by a small waterfall and is surrounded by greenery. The latter is reflected in its water, giving it a bright green colour. Hence the name Emerald Pool. It is the most beautiful when sunlit. It has also become a popular location for movies and weddings.

Meeting the Caribs in the Kalinago Territory

You can connect with the life on Dominica Island before the arrival of Europeans in the Kalinago Territory. The Kalinago are very nice hosts. They will show you around and teach you their ageless handcrafts, all made from natural material. The Kalinago has cottages that where you can stay overnight. If you think the experience can be overwhelming, you can rent a villa for holiday near by and come back the day after.

Diving in Champagne Reef

Champagne reef is the best place for snorkelling in Dominica Island. Its bubbling and warm water offers a very colourful seascape. There is a reef that is a swatch of sponges named after colours. For instance, pink azure, yellow tube or red rope. Marine creatures like octopus, parrotfish, eels and hawksbill turtle are completing the painting. If you go deeper, you might find the remains of a shipwreck. You really wouldn’t miss a chance so dive in Champagne Reef!

Touring Roseau, the capital of Dominica Island

Last but not least, Dominica’s biggest city: Roseau. The capital is the best place to taste local cuisine but also to learn about the island’s history. Simple cottages, modern buildings, Catholic churches are all over the places to show the tapestry of cultures. The Dominica Museum is also telling about the past through intriguing exhibitions.