Cayo Largo, Cuba aka the beach paradise

The Caribbean islands are renowned for their pristine beaches and turquoise waters. Cuba isn’t an exception to that and is even home to the best of them. Set in its southwest side, the island of Cayo Largo’s beaches are at the top of the list for they escaped mass tourism.

Do water sports in Playa Sirena

Playa Sirena is the westernmost beach of Cayo Largo and is also the most crowded. That is because the waters are stable all year-round there and amenities are find along the shore. It is also the spot for water sports on the island – unmissable for holidays in Cuba. Besides, it has the easiest access. Taxis, buses, quads can all drive you there for a cheap price. You can also take a one to two-hour walk from your hotel to get there.

Lounge on the untouched shore of Playa Paraiso

Just a few steps from Playa Sirena is a virgin beach – Playa Paraiso. Like at its neighbouring shore, the water at this shore are also stable. However, it isn’t as well equipped as Playa Sirena so all you can do is rent a beach chair, grab a drink at one of the bars and lounge under the Caribbean sun. To reach this Tripadvisor favourite shore, the best place to be for a travel, you have to get to Playa Sirena and walk from there.

Idle at the beachfront hotels of Playa Lindarena

Playa Lindarena, in the south of Cayo Largo, is the only beach with several hotels. However, you can’t really appreciate the shore on this side of the island. That is because the waters are not as calm as in Sirena or Paraiso. What you can do is therefore to get a room with a nice view of the beach and make the most of your time in the hotels’ facilities.

Walk along the wild beach of Playa Blanco

Playa Blanco is for the adventurous spirits. Located in the northeast of the island, the beach can only be reached by foot. You can still ride a bike or a scooter until 3 kilometres before it though. However, the experience will reward you with beautiful pristine beaches and you could even see two shores when the water is at a lower level. Playa Blanco has no amenities and is a place for a walk. If you keep going east, you will reach the beaches of Playa Los Cocos and Playa Tortuga.

Experience the sea turtle hatchery

The shores of Cayo Largo welcomes hundreds of turtles every year. The come to lay eggs which will be brought to the Centro de Rescate de Tortugas Marinas in the northwest of the island. The centre will keep the eggs until they hatch so they can’t be taken away by the waves. The baby turtles are also kept in a pool until they are ready to go back in the sea. This takes place between May and September. If you come to the island in the latter, you could help the centre staff to set the turtles free.