Open your business in Belgium, the good to know

Belgium is also affected by the employment crisis. Indeed, in this country, more and more companies prefer to subcontract certain parts of their company instead of hiring fixed employees who are expensive. Also, to make sure you succeed in your career, founding your own consulting business is essential. Here are the few good ones to know in this sense.

Why an accountant from the beginning ?

From the beginning of your adventure, ask for an accounting expertise in Ixelles, Saint-Gilles, Watermael-Boitsfort and in Brussels is necessary. This is a service offered by an accounting firm and will support you in all financial and administrative procedures.

Expert in the financial management of a company, the accounting firm will help you in writing your status and the establishment of the application to the RCS. He will also help in the search for funding. It can be with both micro finance companies and banks. He can even play his relations to do this and accelerate the process.

In addition, an accountant will be useful insofar as from the opening of the company, you will have capital to manage.

New rules to be applied for auto entrepreneurs

But beware, for a few years in Belgium, new rules apply to auto entrepreneurs. For example, to open your own business, you currently need a professional bank account. The goal is to facilitate the management of your assets. For this type of approach, you can count on accounting expertise in Saint-Gilles offered by a subcontractor firm.

Pro RC insurance is subject to a period of 12 months tacitly renewable. This allows you to minimize expenses for managing and running your business. This new provision is aimed primarily at encouraging market competition and protecting the insured against the abuses of certain companies.

Finally, auto entrepreneurs or PMPE or TPE must have an online presence to hope for optimal profitability of the activity. The Internet has become a sine qua non for your continued existence in the market, regardless of the sector of activity.

Have patience or how to get your new business off the ground ?

In any case, on average, in Belgium, it will take 6 to 12 months for a company, whatever it is, to start taking off. It all depends on your marketing strategy. You must therefore be patient.

To boost your results and speed up the process, a simple online presence is not enough. You must ensure the referencing of your page. Which requires budget. For quality digital marketing, your accounting firm in Ixelles will have to release a few hundred euros for an offshore company. The latter will propose different solutions and advertising channels to ensure your visibility on Google.

You also need a unique and innovative concept that will differentiate you from your competitors. This is the best way to attract more prospects and customers.