Key Elements for Creating an Effective CV

Having the required skills and experiences can be insufficient to land a job. The first goal is to catch the recruiter’s eye and for this purpose, you have to submit an attractive curriculum vitae. The best solution is to go online and pick the right CV template. You will make it faster and the result will be much better. Then, you can follow these tips to create a perfect resume.

Choose the Right Font for the CV Content

Whether you use a CV creator or a word processor, the choice of the font remains crucial. The optimal size is between 10 and 12, apart from the name and the heading which must be written larger than the body of the CV. Be careful with the choice because it can say a lot about you. Fonts which are too fancy like Comic Sans MS should be banned. They might take away all your credibility. On the other hand, Calibri or Times New Roman have been seen over and over again. Choose more modern fonts like Helvetica, Verdana or Century. To showcase certain parts of the CV, put the text in bold, italic or underlined.

Adapt your CV Content to the Position Sought

A resume is a document which must be updated and adapted to each job offer you apply for. Your background and training have enabled you to acquire varied skills that you will mobilize differently depending on the expectations specific to the position. The CV acts as a marketing tool through which you present yourself as the ideal person for a certain type of work. Take the required skills specified in the ad and try to orient your descriptions in order to show your added value on these points. If the position requires very good interpersonal skills, highlight your team achievements, your presentations.

Make Zero Mistake on your CV

This advice may seem classic to you, but it is of paramount importance! A spelling mistake on a CV is a crippling element for many companies. It is a document that is going to be read and reread. Therefore, you have to make sure it is perfect before you submit it. The effort to provide requires only a short time but it can change everything and help you get a job interview. Also, do not hesitate to have your CV proofread by other people around you before sending it. Some mistakes can escape you even if you read it a lot of times.