Where can you play chess online for free without registration?

You can find many websites available that provide various options and resources to play chess online for free without registration. Some of them can even offer all the best features you want. You also have the opportunity to play this game at any level, and you know what? Playing different games is the greatest way to improve yourself at online chess. Here are four of the best sites where you can enjoy it fully.


Run by Chess Base, known as the makers of the most popular chess software, Play chess lets you play chess online for free without registration, no matter you are a total beginner or a chess master. In fact, on this website, it is not that difficult to find opponents of your level. Moreover, they have integrated this site with the Chess Base software, which is another great benefit of playing chess on it. In addition, it provides various options of tournament play in the world as well as different grandmaster games.

To conclude, there are, of course, many other different websites where you can play chess online for free without registration. Those listed above are among the best ones where chess enthusiasts spend their time, as it is possible to play all day on most of them. You can also find many applications to play chess such as Play Magnus, Chess by post, etc. Some sites are designed especially for children like Chess for Kids, Chess Matec Online, etc.

Play-chess-online.com: the best place to play chess online

Play-chess-online.com is, without any doubt, the best place to play chess online for free without registration. Thanks to the lessons and the guide, this website offers, along with the different opponents at any level, you can play even though you are a beginner and you know nothing about chess. You do not have to be a strong grandmaster to play. Apart from that, you can try many tactical puzzles and choose from the various chess variants available. Moreover, you can take advantage of all the features you could ever want. Basic membership is free, but you also have an access to a premium upgrade.

Other platforms to play chess Online


Well-known for being a free and open source online chess site, Lichess offers the possibility to play chess and learn at the same time, without paying anything. You have access to different training features, as well as a great variety of play modes and chess variants available. In addition, Lichess has a great fast and slick interface for you to enjoy the game fully.


Currently among the most popular sites to play chess online for free without registration with players from all over the world, Chess24 can offers you everything you need. Apart from the possibility to play against opponents at any level, it also provides many training opportunities. This enables you to dive deep into the world of this exciting game and participate in different tournaments. Another characteristic that differs this site from others is the fact that it has a well-updated leaderboard, whichmakes different states accessible.